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Bike Outliner

Structured & focused writing

Use Bike to think, write, organize.
Make lists, take notes, create documents.
Bike's an unusually fast writing app designed for your Mac.

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Why Bike Outliner?

Bike is a better place to think and write.

Bike’s fast. It can handle big projects that break other outliners. Bike's also fast at the basics–opening files, scrolling views, and resizing windows. Bike won’t slow your Mac down.

Bike's nimble. Use it as the main app for a big project or as a supporting app for notes and ideas. Standard file formats, shortcuts support, and scripting allow Bike to integrate with your existing workflows.

Bike's innovative. Your ideas flow smoothly across the screen. You get the power of outlining without the feeling of constraint. Bike is a powerful tool that's also enjoyable to use.


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