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Outline writing, lists, and notes

Write to think. Bike is an unusually fast outliner. Unlike a web app, Bike is efficient and at home on your Mac.

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Use Bike to organize your thoughts.
Make lists, take notes, and save your ideas.
Bike is a powerful outlining tool for thinkers and writers.

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Outlines are powerful, but can be confusing. Bike outlines are fluid. Your ideas flow across the screen instead of jumping from position to position. This makes it easier to track what’s going on, and it’s fun!

Why Bike Outliner?

“We were promised bicycles for the mind, but we got aircraft carriers instead” – Jonathan Edwards

I think macOS needs more "bicycles for the mind".

Bike is small enough to fully understand. Once understood it’s flexible enough use for many purposes.

Bike is small, but designed for real work. It’s fast. It can handle big outlines that break other outliners. Bike's also fast at the basics–opening files, scrolling views, and resizing windows. Bike won’t slow your Mac down.

Bike makes your writing open and accessible. Outlines are stored in text files using standard file formats. Bike is also scriptable. Automate and extend Bike with scripts.


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You can download Bike for free from this website or the Mac App Store. Free mode includes Bike's core features and never expires. Purchase a license to enable these additional features:

License is available in two forms:

  1. One-Time: The license you purchase on this website unlocks all Bike features and entitles you to one year of updates. After one year your version of Bike will continue to work fully unlocked. You must renew your license at 50% off to get another year of updates.

  2. Subscription: The license you purchase from the Mac App Store unlocks all Bike features while active. When the subscription expires Bike will continue to work in free unlicensed mode.

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