Bike: Navigation

Bike Outliner adds inline navigation buttons so you can zoom through your outline with just your mouse. It also adds a navigation bar with back and forward history and breadcrumbs.

Watch the Movie

New inline navigation buttons are added after rows with children. Use them to zoom through your outline with just your mouse. They are a nice visual indicator of where you are and where you can go.

Bike’s new navigation bar makes it easy to go back and forward through your history. It also shows you a breadcrumb trail of where you are in your outline. Click a breadcrumb to navigate from that item.

The navigation bar is optional. Personally I find it useful it large outlines, but disable it in smaller outlines.

License Renewal

It’s been a little over a year since Bike 1.0. If you purchased your license more than a year ago you will be prompted to renew your license by this release. I hope you do! I think Bike’s made great progress this year, and I plan to carry that work forward with your support.