Use WriteRoom to Compose Wordpress Blog Posts

Here is a simple workflow that automates the process of writing a blog post in WriteRoom and posting it to your Wordpress blog by email.

Preview the Open WriteRoom File using Marked

Preview a WriteRoom file in a floating Marked window using this AppleScript.


Are you a WriteRoom user but still distracted by e-mail and internet? Install this script and it will quit all of your applications including Finder and then launch WriteRoom in full-screen mode.

I'm still working on a way out. Contributed by Mark Saper saper@mac.com 7/15/2010

To install, open AppleScript Editor, and paste in code below, then save it as a script with name OnlyWriteRoom in your Library/Scripts folder.

    tell application "System Events" to set the visible of every process to true

    set white_list to {"WriteRoom"}

        tell application "Finder"
            set process_list to the name of every process whose visible is true
        end tell
        repeat with i from 1 to (number of items in process_list)
            set this_process to item i of the process_list
            if this_process is not in white_list then
                tell application this_process
                end tell
            end if
        end repeat
    on error
        tell the current application to display dialog "An error has occurred!" & return & "This script will now quit" buttons {"Quit"} default button 1 with icon 0
    end try
    tell application "Finder" to quit
    activate application "WriteRoom"
    delay 1
    tell application "System Events" to key code 36 using {command down}