Use this script to quickly change / toggle the entry type of a note or a task.

 * Script: Toggle Entry Type of Selected Notes and or Tasks
 * Version: 120321-1
 * This script does target TaskPaper for Mac (C) Hog Bay Software:
 * The following main features have been implemented and / or enhanced:
 * - Toggles the entry type of a note and / or task.
 * Do the following to select:
 * - a single entry : position the cursor anywhere on the item to move.
 * - multiple entries : double click anywhere on the first item and repeat for all others while keeping the CMD key pressed to move in one batch.
 * Notice: Projects will not be touched.
 * History:
 * - 21.03.2012: Initial release.
 * Copyright (C) 2012 Stefano F. Rausch. All rights reserved.

-- Private Top Level Script Code

tell application "TaskPaper"
    tell front document

        -- Get selected entries.

        set selectedEntries to get selected entries

        -- Toggle the entry type.

        repeat with |entry| in selectedEntries
            tell |entry|

                if ( entry type is note type )
                    set entry type to task type
                else if ( entry type is task type )
                    set entry type to note type
                end if

            end tell
        end repeat

    end tell
end tell

-- End of Script

Happy Getting Things Done!

Stefano F. Rausch