Sync TaskPaper to iPhone (November 2009 notes)

1) Click here to download the URL.

2) After you download the SimpleText app, copy it to your applications folder, and then launch it.

3) You will see a new item added to the status items bar (upper right corner of screen). Click that item and you'll get a popup menu.

4) For starters, choose the menu item Help. That will open a basic help document that describes the basics for syncing documents from your mac to

5) Next move your TaskPaper document(s) to SimpleText.

6) Then buy WriteRoom on your iPhone from the Apple Store App

7) Your phone doesn't need to be connected to your computer, but it does need some form of internet access, either wi-fi or over the cell network. If you can browse in Safari on the iPhone then you are set and should also be able to sync.

8) Once you have internet access on your iPhone, open WriteRoom for iPhone. In the bottom left corner of the documents list screen there's a "sync" button. Click that button.

9) You'll be asked for a username and password. Enter your Google id email and password. Once you've done that any documents that you have on the site will be pulled down to your phone.

10 ) Right now sync is manual... it will only happen when you select the sync menu item. So to edit your TaskPaper file on your computer and then sync that change to the web you need to:

a) Make sure that you've got SimpleText for Mac running in the status bar (upper right area of main window) on your Mac.

b) Click on the SimpleText for Mac icon in the status bar, and choose the "Documents Folder..." item. That opens the local folder on your Mac that is synced with

c) Make sure that your TaskPaper document is located in that folder... at this point were have just been verifying... you don't need to do the previous steps on ever sync.

  1. To double check, do a test: Now open that TaskPaper document and make some changes.

  2. Now click on the SimpleText for Mac icon in the status bar and choose the "Sync" menu item. That should sync your recent changes to the website.

  3. Visit the website to verify that your changes are now visible there.


  1. Bonus step... to get that new change onto your iPhone open WriteRoom for iPhone and click the "Sync" button that's in the bottom left corner of the documents list view.

15) Think of the website as the hub that stores your document content. SimpleText for Mac is a program that runs on your mac and can send and receive (sync) data to that hub. WriteRoom for iPhone is a program that runs on your iPhone that can send and receive (sync) data to that hub.

16) So when you come home from your trip. (or even when you are out on your trip, if you've edited your TaskPaper file on WriteRoom for iPhone). The first thing that you should do is sync WriteRoom for iPhone. That will send any changes that you've made to the website.

17) Then (on your Mac) go to the SimpleText for Mac status item (in upper right area of your screen) and choose the "Sync" menu item. That will pull those changes down from the web to your local computer.

18) When you are ready for your next trip just make sure to first sync your recent work (by choosing SimpleText for Mac's sync menu item) from your Mac to the website. And then sync WriteRoom for iPhone. And then you should be off.

Here’s my cheat sheet, for when I come home from a trip and I want to sync my iPhone to my computer to the most updated TaskPaper list:

• On iPhone: go to WriteRoom, hit “sync” at lower left

• On computer, open Simple Text and the icon will appear in the upper right of monitor (to avoid having to open Simple Text each time, click on Preferences from icon menu, and choose “open on log in”)

• From icon menu, choose Sync

• Then from icon menu, choose Documents Folder

• On the SimpleText website, highlight the TaskPaper file and make an alias (under File, choose “make alias”).

• From the SimpleText website, drag the alias file to the desktop

•From the desktop, drag your old version of your TaskPaper file (that I always keep on my desktop) to the trash

•Delete the word “alias” from this new TaskPaper file that is now on your desktop (the one you just took from SimpleText website) and it’s now your new and improved TaskPaper file to work from!

•Optional step: go into this new and improve TaskPaper file and adjust the tasks you added on the (iPhone while on the road) since they will not be aligned when you look at them on your computer

Here’s my cheat sheet, for what I do before I leave for a trip:

• On computer, from icon menu, choose Sync

• Then from icon menus, choose Documents Folder

• On the iPhone: open WriteRoom and hit sync

•Double check that you have the newest version of your TaskPaper on the iPhone and have a good trip!