This information is for TaskPaper 2 which is old and outdated. TaskPaper 3 is the current version of TaskPaper. For TaskPaper 3 support please visit the support forums.

This script rips through Things and exports tasks, projects and their corresponding notes to a TaskPaper-compatible text file.

The script reads the Inbox and creates a corresponding Inbox: project. It then walks through the Project list, creating a project entry (with notes if present) and writing all of that project's tasks (and their notes if present) into the text file. It then reads the Someday list and creates a corresponding Someday: project.

All the tasks and their notes should be children of their respective entries in TaskPaper.

It does NOT preserve tags from Things. It also does NOT deal with Areas in Things. Although I used Areas, I decided to use a simplified approach on output and rearrange stuff within TaskPaper where necessary.

Grab the script from Gist