This information is for TaskPaper 2 which is old and outdated. TaskPaper 3 is the current version of TaskPaper. For TaskPaper 3 support please visit the support forums.

This script will make custom tags available for later use. This might be useful to people who wish to use the same tags in different documents. You will need to open Script Editor and enter the tags at the beginning of the script. The script works by putting a project called "custom" tags at the end of the document with all the tags attached. You can add new tags to the list at any time and the older tags will remain. The script can be downloaded here.

(* Set up custom tags for later use 
 To put each tag on its own line, add the continuation character " ¬" after each comma in the  tag list
set _custom__tags to ¬
    {"tag1", "tag2", "tag3", "tag4" }  
tell application "TaskPaper"
    tell front document
        if exists project "custom tags" then
            delete project "custom tags"
        end if
        make project with properties {name:"custom tags"}
        tell project "custom tags"
            repeat with x in _custom__tags
                make new tag with properties {name:x}
            end repeat
        end tell
    end tell
end tell