This information is for TaskPaper 2 which is old and outdated. TaskPaper 3 is the current version of TaskPaper. For TaskPaper 3 support please visit the support forums.

The script has no real error checking and uses a highly specific format for your task — “Remind me @due 29/1/2013 4:00PM” will create a reminder “Remind me” for 4 PM on the 29th of January 2013 and the order of each of the pieces must be in the right spot and the format of the date and time must be as in the example above excepting that if you are in the US you should swap the day and month. You can drop the time and then the time of the reminder will be set to 9AM.

# Tony Williams (

    on explode(delimiter, input)
    local delimiter, input, ASTID
    set ASTID to AppleScript's text item delimiters
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to delimiter
        set input to text items of input
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ASTID
        return input --> list on error eMsg number eNum
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ASTID
        error "Can't explode: " & eMsg number eNum
    end try
end explode

# example of the format of TP task script requires
# set theReminder to "Remind me @due 29/1/2013 4:00PM"

tell application "TaskPaper"
    set theReminder to name of selected entry of front document
end tell

set splitReminder to explode("@", theReminder)
set remText to item 1 of splitReminder
set remDue to item 2 of splitReminder
set splitDue to explode(" ", remDue)
set dueDate to item 2 of splitDue
set dueTime to ""
if length of splitDue > 2 then set dueTime to item 3 of splitDue
if dueTime is equal to "" then set dueTime to "9:00AM"  set remDate to date (dueDate & " " & dueTime)   tell application "Reminders"
    tell list "Reminders"
        make new reminder with properties {name:remText, due date:remDate}
    end tell
end tell

Put the script in your Scripts folder and then in TaskPaper put the cursor on the task you want turned into a Reminder and run the script. If you find this useful please tell me.