WriteRoom FAQ

Current to version 3.2.1 for Mac

WriteRoom for Mac:

Upgrade your WriteRoom license for version 3.0 from this page (more details on page).

1. Where is my license key, it never showed up in my email inbox, or the Resend Licenses page says it doesn't recognize my email?

2. Why isn't my license key working?

3. The newer versions of WriteRoom won't run on my older system (10.4, 10.5, 10.6). Where can I download older versions of WriteRoom?

Please see the Release Notes page, where you can find the download links. 2.3.7 is the last version to run on 10.4 Tiger, and 2.5.2 is the last version to run on 10.6 Snow Leopard. Please note that the website store only sells licenses for WriteRoom 3 and these new licenses will not work with WriteRoom 2.

4. Why isn't WriteRoom 3 remembering my recent documents or which theme I used on each document?

Check to make sure you have Lion's Resume feature turned on: System Preferences > General > enable "Restore windows when closing and re-opening apps". If you don't want to use the global setting, here are some third-party options: